Adelaide 8yo’s final wish of becoming police officer granted

“He did such a good job today that I think we’re going to need him more often,” said Commissioner Stevens.

A Melbourne mum is in remission after using exercise treatment following her terminal cancer diagnosis.

Sam Scully, eight, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in January 2022. 

But long before his cancer diagnosis, Sam dreamed of growing up and becoming a police officer. This week, his dream finally became a reality. 

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Sergeant Scully got to ride in a helicopter. Picture: Russell Millard

Dying boy’s final wish of becoming a cop comes true

When the boy’s walk started becoming wobbly, his parents, Sean and Allison, took him to the doctor; it was at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide where doctors found a peach-sized tumour on his brain. 

The brain tumour was inoperable, and Sam was given only 18 months to live. 

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Sean and Allison have since made it their mission to give their little Sam the best possible send-off they knew how. But they didn’t do it alone. 

His adventurous day started on Tuesday morning at Angle Vale Primary School, where he was surrounded by his cheering and applauding peers.

Sam, AKA “Sargeant Scully”, was dressed in his special officer’s uniform and ready for his first day on the job; officers picked him up in a SA Police helicopter and flew him and his mum to Adelaide Oval, where they met some of the police dogs on duty. 

Sam was excited to spend time with the dogs and play fetch, and was soon presented with a custom-made “Sargeant Sam Scully” operation badge for his efforts. 

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This was just the beginning of his big adventure. 

At 12.30 pm, the year three student jumped into the South Australia Police car and was escorted to Rundle Mall, flanked by a special motorcade. 

There, he was tasked with hunting down some “hardened crims” – musician Guy Sebastian, cricketer Alex Carey and Crows star Reilly O’Brien. 

The “crims” were “on the loose” around the city, and Sam had to put on his police hat and hunt them down, one by one. 

He was able to catch them all; SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said his work was extraordinary. 

“Sammy, you’ve had a pretty big day for your first day on the job as a police officer,” Stevens told the boy, per The Advertiser. 

“You caught three criminals, which is more than what a lot of police officers catch in a whole week.

Commissioner Stevens later said he “swore (Sam) in” on Monday and will “be calling on him again.” 

“He did such a good job today that I think we’re going to need him more often,” he said. 

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The 8yo got to meet the police dogs, and was also tasked to hunt down three “hardened crims.” Picture: Russell Millard

“I don’t know how to show my gratitude any more than his smile”

Sam’s mum, Allison, said the eight-year-old had a fantastic day, and the entire family was overwhelmed by the generosity of the Adelaide community. 

And as grateful as she is for the opportunity, she wished “she didn’t have to make these types of memories.” 

“It’s really hard for me, and I wish it wasn’t happening, but this is something that they can look back on forever and have a really positive memory out of this,” she said. 

“It’s very overwhelming but there shouldn’t be a need for this treatment for this disease has not changed in 35 years, so something needs to (be) done to save our kids.”

Despite the heartbreak, Allison couldn’t help but admire her son for his strength. 

“I’m just proud of how he’s taken everything in his stride,” she told 9News

“He’s my hero. I don’t know how to repay anyone or show my gratitude any more than his smile.”

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