Balochistan CM Sarfraz Bugti vows integrity amid job scandal

In an address at the Balochistan Chief Minister’s Literature Festival in Quetta, Chief Minister Sarfraz Bugti asserted his unwavering commitment to integrity, declaring that he would never engage in the sale of jobs, even if it cost him his position.

Bugti condemned the rampant merit violations within the province and called for severe punishment for those involved in corruption.

Bugti, addressing the festival, lamented the state of accountability in Balochistan, highlighting that the local population is complicit in the degradation of merit. “We are the only nation in the world that killed its teacher,” he stated, pointing to a broader cultural and ethical crisis.

He emphasized that no external forces are to blame for the region’s issues; rather, it is the people of Balochistan who must take responsibility.

He also spoke critically of historical narratives, accusing some of starting history from half-truths. “No Punjabi Chief Minister came from Lahore; we people of Balochistan are responsible for this,” Bugti said, urging a reevaluation of historical accounts to foster a more honest and comprehensive understanding.

Highlighting the importance of dialogue and governance, Bugti stressed that many issues could be resolved through constructive communication and effective leadership. However, he lamented that one side remains unwilling to engage in talks, hindering progress.

Bugti didn’t shy away from broader political statements, noting Afghanistan’s historical opposition to Pakistan’s establishment and reiterating his stance that those involved in job sales should face stringent penalties. He called for a concerted effort to mend internal affairs through dialogue and good governance, emphasizing that solutions are within reach if all parties are willing to negotiate.

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