Court hears more details on AKA and Tibz killings

DURBAN – The Durban Magistrates Court has heard more details about the night rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were killed in 2023.

The five men accused of the murders were back in the dock on Wednesday morning where they were all denied bail.

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During proceedings, the court heard that one of the accused, Lindokuhle Ndimande, could be placed at the scene of the shooting.

Forbes and Motsoane were shot outside a popular restaurant in Durban over a year ago.

Magistrate Vincent Hlatshwayo said there was evidence that Ndimande was spotted in the area.

“21:17: Applicant 5 alighted from the vehicle and entered the restaurant where the first deceased, AKA, was and he was captured on CCTV camera as he entered the restaurant.”

Hlatshwayo added that Ndimande did not appear to be surprised when the rapper was targeted and shot.

“He chose to sit in a spot that gave him a clear side of the deceased AKA. He used his Standard Bank card, which was opened on the same day, to pay for his meals and drinks. When the shooting happened, he remained unshaken, while there was pandemonium outside.”

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