Fate of Rosny AFL facility uncertain after community pushback

A public meeting held by the Clarence City Council last night saw over 400 residents overwhelmingly reject the proposed AFL High Performance Centre in Rosny Parklands and Charles Hand Park.

The Save Rosny’s Park group, who had initially planned to boycott the meeting they asked for, successfully passed six motions opposing the council’s position and their insufficient community consultation process.

Clarence Mayor Brendan Blomeley spoke at the Wednesday night event alongside project representatives from the Department of State Growth and the Tasmanian Football Club.

He said the council would “seriously take on board” the topics discussed and the issues raised by the concerned “segment of the community”.

Clarence Mayor Brendan Blomeley at Charles Hand Park for the official site unveiling of the High Performance Centre. Image / Pulse

The motions passed included the assertion that the council’s consultation with residents was insufficient and not comprehensive and that those at the meeting were opposed to using Charles Hand Park and Rosny Parklands for the proposed facility.

The group also passed a motion that could prompt the council to initiate a new and widely publicised consultation process on alternative sites for the facility and moved that the impacted parklands be “sympathetically developed” moving forward.

The Rosny parklands AFL high-performance centre site plan. Image / Supplied

Another motion which stated that “no site works” could begin until Parliament confirms an AFL stadium will exist in Hobart was passed and one that would see the council CEO lose authorisation to submit proposals to State Growth to negotiate terms.

“This was a unique opportunity to walk through the process together and ensure that all voices, on all sides, were aired and heard,” Blomeley said.

“Everyone here tonight is passionate about this community and its future and in a healthy democracy these conversations are vital.”

Blomeley said the motions from the meeting would be considered by the council at their next meeting later this month.

The Save Rosny’s Park group clarified to the crowd that they are not against a High Performance Centre in Clarence, but oppose its proposed location in Rosny Parklands and Charles Hand Park.

Group members believe a Cambridge location near Hobart Airport would be more suitable and less destructive.

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