Former police volunteer arrested on fraud charges in Middelburg

Picture for illustration purposes.

Picture for illustration purposes.

Former police reservist (volunteer), Richard Shannik, was arrested on charges of fraud after he allegedly defrauded the community of Middelburg by posing as a SAPS detective as well as a traffic officer and requesting money for his “services”.

According to police spokesperson, Captain Namhla Mdleleni, it is alleged that the 50-year-old suspect defrauded the community earlier in 2024, posing as a SAPS detective and requesting money to assist suspects in obtaining successful bail applications.

Mdleleni said that during separate incidents he also pretended to be a traffic officer, promising to “squash” fines.

“The suspect used different names when defrauding people, and several incidents were reported to police,” said Mdleleni.

“He claimed an estimated amount of more than R20 000 for his services from the victims and preferred the money to be deposited into money market.”

“A total of five cases of fraud against him are under investigation.”

Mdleleni said that he appeared in the Middelburg Magistrate Court on May 13 and is remanded in custody until May 20 where he will appear again for a formal bail application.

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