Iraqi Resistance targets Haifa oil refinery and Eilat

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq persists in targeting the occupation, in solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian resistance, and renews its attacks on Eilat.

  • Iraqi Resistance drone targeting Israeli targets in Eilat, undated. (Military Media)
    Iraqi Resistance drone targeting Israeli targets in occupied Palestine, undated. (Military Media)

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced that it had targeted a strategic site in Eilat, occupied Palestine, using drones.

It also stated that it targeted the Haifa Oil Refinery on Thursday morning using a drone.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted vital targets in the occupied Palestinian territories, in Wadi Areeha and the Nevatim airbase located east of occupied Bir al-Sabe’.

The operations were conducted using the al-Arqab cruise missiles, according to a statement issued by the Resistance. The Iraqi Resistance’s Military Media also published footage of the operation. 

The operations came to champion Gaza in response to the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian civilians, including women and children, according to the Resistance. 

In the early hours of Wednesday, the Iraqi Resistance targeted a military target in Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat), in southernmost occupied Palestine, using drones. 

Sources informed Al Mayadeen that two new weapons were utilized: the al-Arfad suicide drone, which surpasses previously used drones in terms of speed, technique, and destruction ability, and another which has not been revealed yet. 

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