Israel-Hamas War Day 223: What is happening in Gaza, Lebanon?

Israel must be stopped from wiping Gaza off the map, South Africa argued in an urgent appeal to the International Court of Justice to stop the war and prevent the IDF from making the enclave uninhabitable.

“Israel’s declared aim of wiping Gaza from the map is about to be realized,” British attorney Vaughan Lowe told the ICJ during a hearing at The Hague.

“The court is not powerless,” Lowe said as he urged the ICJ to assert both its authority and that of international humanitarian law.

South Africa at the ICJ

“In order to secure the entry and distribution of food and humanitarian supplies, and to save lives, a halt to Israeli military operations across Gaza is essential,” Lowe stated.

The ICJ is already adjudicating South Africa’s charge, filed in December, that Israel violated the United Nations 1948 convention on the prevention of genocide.

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