Israel’s war on Gaza live: Mass displacement as Israelis intensify assaults | Israel War on Gaza News

The Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (GCR2P) has warned that Israel’s evacuation orders for the people of Gaza may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity for the forcible transfer of a population.

The Geneva-based group noted that under international law, people must have adequate time to prepare for an evacuation, as well as a safe route to an area of safety with access to aid, which are “absent from Israel’s successive evacuation orders”.

Humanitarian agencies have warned that Israeli-designated safe zones in Gaza are unable to manage an influx of displaced persons and lack basic services, including food, water, medicine, electricity and sufficient shelter, the group said.

“The scale and intensity of mass atrocity crimes in Gaza continues to surpass our worst nightmares,” said Savita Pawnday, executive director of the GCR2P.

“So-called evacuation orders that forcibly displace suffering people again and again, the closure of crossings that deny aid to families and children facing famine, relentless bombardments and mass graves that reveal evidence of torture, all demonstrate a certain contempt for international law and the protections it extends to vulnerable populations.”

A view of tents set up for displaced Palestinians in the al-Mawasi area in central Gaza Strip, April 25, 2024 (Ramadan Abed/ Reuters)

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