LPG price ‘slashed’ by Rs20 per kg

QUETTA: The prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) have been slashed by Rs 20 per kilogram in Quetta, ARY News reported citing market sources. 

According to sources, the LPG rates are reduced by Rs 20 taking the price from Rs 280 to Rs 260 per kilogram.

Its worth mentioning here that the LPG prices dropped earlier by Rs 20 per kilogram taking the total reduction to Rs 40 per kg in the span of few weeks.

On April 30, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) decreased the price of Liquefied petroleum gas for the month of May 2024.

As per the notification issued by the OGRA, the LPG rates were reduced by Rs 11.88 to Rs 238.46 per kilogram. The new prices will be in effect from Wednesday, 1st

May 2024.

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Earlier, the LPG was sold at Rs 250.34 per kg during April. The domestic LPG cylinder’s price has been reduced by Rs 140.18 and the new price is fixed at Rs 2813.85 for May 2024.

In April,  the OGRA has announced a decrease in the prices of Liquefied petroleum gas. The LPG rates are reduced by Rs 6.44 per kg which took the per kg price from Rs 256.78 to Rs 250.34.

The domestic cylinder saw a Rs 76.9 decrease and the price is fixed at Rs 2954.03 for the month of April which was earlier Rs 3030.12.

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