Mahira Khan reacts to object thrown during Balochistan Literature Festival

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan reacts to the object thrown at her during the Balochistan Literature Festival. The actress was the guest at the event with Wajahat Raoof moderating the session.

During the session, someone from the crowd threw an object on her on stage. The actress said politely said on stage, ‘This is bad’. She later expressed her anger on social media in which she disapproved of the act.

Alongside a video from the event, Mahira penned, “What happened at the event was uncalled for. No one should think it’s ok to throw something on stage, even if it’s a flower wrapped up in a paper plane.”

She continued, “It sets the wrong precedent. It is unacceptable. There are times I get scared, not just for myself, but for others who may be trapped in a mob like situation.”

“But hear me out – While we were on our way back someone said ‘ after this we won’t have an event here’. I disagreed completely. That is not the solution,” she reassured.

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The Maula Jatt actress said that, “Here was a crowd of 10,000 or more… who were showing their love and excitement – the way They know best. Because I could see them, I could see they didn’t know how to contain/express their excitement. Whoever the miscreant was, was 1 out of 10,000.”

‘I love You Quetta. Thank You for the insane amount of love. There shall and will be the next time…and on every end we will be better. InshallAh,” said the actress while expressing her hope that crowd will behave next time she visit Quetta.

Mahira Khan concluded her powerful message thanking her fans and friends for their concern, “Been getting a lot of msgs. Thank you for the concern and love my way. Makes me feel super grateful.”

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