Mandurah Greyhound Tips 16/5/2024 – Expert Picks & Predictions

Mandurah Greyhound Tips

Tonight’s greyhound racing meeting at Mandurah on Thursday night, May 16, 2024, is set to be a good betting occasion for dog racing fans in Western Australia.

It will consist of twelve races, commencing with the first race at 8:47 PM AEST, and concluding with the race around 12:17 AM AEST.

A standout feature of the event is the 50 Years of Racing Darryl Gardner race over 488 metres, taking place as Race 8. This race, categorised as a 4th/5th Grade competition, offers a prize pool of $2,738 with $1,812 going to the winner.

Make sure to make use of our greyhound suggestions to assist you in choosing your winners for the Mandurah dogs tonight.

Our team of specialists has thoroughly examined the performance and recent results of each greyhound to offer you insights.

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Mandurah Greyhound Tips Thursday 16/5/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 20:47 300m Free Entry Tabtouch Park Maiden Mrs. Gordon (2) Rod Noden $1,976 $1,307
2 21:08 300m 50yrs of Racing Brett Mazgaltsidis NOV Limited Gas (4) Ben Maclean $2,074 $1,372
3 21:23 300m Sign Strategy NOV Nullarbor Rat (7) Rod Noden $2,074 $1,372
4 21:43 400m 50yrs of Racing Carmine Torricella 6th Grade West On Bambi (10) Chris Halse $2,172 $1,437
5 22:05 400m Prime Trophies 5th Grade Remember Luigi (6) Damien Crudeli $2,287 $1,513
6 22:23 300m 50yrs of Racing Colin Batt Free For All Criss Cross Lass (3) Damien Crudeli $2,505 $1,657
7 22:38 300m Tommy Shelby at Stud 4th Grade Opal Deluxe (2) Kaine Buckwell $2,172 $1,437
8 22:57 488m 50yrs of Racing Darryl Gardner 4th/5th Grade Slowly Drifting (8) Shayne Williams $2,738 $1,812
9 23:12 300m Zack Monelli at Stud 5th/6th Grade Lara Long Legs (1) Ben Maclean $2,074 $1,372
10 23:32 300m 50yrs of Racing Deborah Parker 5th Grade Ned (3) Rod Noden $2,074 $1,372
11 23:57 300m Kcr Pet Transport 6th Grade All Over Kite (3) Steve Van De Klashorst $1,976 $1,307
12 0:17 488m 50yrs of Racing Edward Ferguson 6th Grade Escapologist (5) Ricky Valenti $2,516 $1,664

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