Mt Gambier Greyhound Tips 16/5/2024

Mt Gambier Greyhound Tips

The Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club, located in Mount Gambier, in south-east South Australia, is gearing up for an action-packed greyhound racing meeting set to take place on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

The races are scheduled to kick off at 12:16 PM AEST, with a total of 12 races lined up for an afternoon.

The main attraction of the event is undoubtedly the Produce Store (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division 1 race, slated as Race 8. Covering a distance of 512 metres, this race offers a prize pool $1,070, with the winning greyhound walking away with $580.

For insights into your betting choices at the Mt Gambier dogs today, we have curated a selection of free greyhound tips.

Our recommendations are crafted after analysis of each race, considering factors like greyhound performance history and trainer expertise, along with track conditions.

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Mt Gambier Greyhound Tips 16/5/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 12:16 400m Klaassens Contractors Maiden Stake Pr2 Division1 Maiden Aston Fiona (8) Dave Peckham $970 $525
2 12:36 305m Pro Tips Maiden Stake Pr2 Division1 Maiden Mushy (4) Neville Lenehan $970 $525
3 12:51 305m Commercial Hotel (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Hop To (7) Allan Brookes $1,005 $545
4 13:11 400m Greg Martlew Autos (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Gypsy Tony (1) Noel Perry $1,005 $545
5 13:27 400m Icon Signs (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division2 TG1-4W Compton Brockie (1) Tracie Price $1,005 $545
6 13:46 400m Cadillac Racing (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 Other Cadillac Lloyd (3) Kerry Lucy Hawker $1,070 $580
7 14:02 400m Trackside Pet Meats Pick 6 (n/p) Stake Pr2 Divisio Other Cadillac Landau (6) Kerry Lucy Hawker $1,070 $580
8 14:19 512m Produce Store (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 Other Chief Pow Wow (3) Noel Perry $1,070 $580
9 14:42 512m Exchange Printers (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W In The Bug (1) Tracie Price $1,005 $545
10 15:02 400m Winning Post Supplies (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division3 TG1-4W Lorelle Soldier (3) Julie Green $1,005 $545
11 15:21 400m Carlin & Gazzard (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division4 TG1-4W Rise As One (2) Richard Clayfield $1,005 $545
12 15:42 400m Gordon Refrigeration (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division5 TG1-4W Yadillah Son (7) Robert Halliday $1,005 $545

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