New face to head up Boandik

In a significant development for the South East’s aged care sector, Boandik, the region’s largest aged care and disability provider, has announced the appointment of Dr Pam Alde as its new chief executive officer.

Dr Alde joined the organisation in October 2022 and has been interim CEO for the past three months following the resignation of former CEO Glenn Rappensberg.

Dr Alde was previously chief client officer, heading the organisation’s client and clinical service portfolio.

The recent appointment marks a new chapter in Boandik’s commitment to providing care and support to the residents and clients it serves, wherever they call home.

With an impressive career spanning healthcare, aged care, and management, Dr Alde brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. Her dedication to enhancing the quality of life for older people is evident in her extensive clinical and leadership background, making her a natural fit for leading Boandik into the future.

Her appointment comes at a crucial time, as the aged care sector continues to undergo significant reform in response to evolving demographic trends and regulatory requirements.

Dr Alde has confimed her commitment to upholding Boandik’s legacy of exceptional care.

“This organisation has a rich history of providing exceptional care to all, regardless of background, and I’m committed to building upon that legacy,” Dr Alde said.

“I am honoured to join Boandik, an organisation that has been working across regional South Australia since its inception in 1956.”

Dr Alde has a long list of academic credits but is bringing a strong team mentality to the head job.

“Serving alongside Boandik’s remarkable team of staff in their genuine commitment to the provision of outstanding care and services is a privilege,” she said.

Her involvement in caring for older people began some 35 years ago when she worked as a personal carer.

After completing formal studies in nursing and pursuing an academic career that spanned a little over a decade, Pam returned to the aged care sector where she felt she could better utilise her skills and passion for the care of older people.

Her passion for innovation and continuous improvement aligns seamlessly with Boandik’s values, positioning the organisation for continued success in the delivery of high-quality aged care services.

“A focus on people has been central to every role I have held throughout my career and, together with the entire Boandik staff, we will build on that as we continue to serve the residents, clients, and families across the communities of the Limestone Coast,” Dr Alde said.

“I’ve seen firsthand through my own family and friends that life as you age can be challenging.

“I am committed to building genuine connections between our clients, residents, families, our staff, and partner providers.

“I’m dedicated to fostering a values-driven, diverse culture. By collaborating closely with Boandik’s residents and clients, the Board and staff, my goal is to uphold our commitment to being a voice for our all older people in the Sout East.

“It’s essential that those who entrust us with their care feel supported, connected, and remain at the centre of everything we do”.

Dr Alde acknowledged that while there was plenty of hard work ahead with the pending implementation of the new Aged Care Act and the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards, she welcomed the changes that these initiatives will bring, adding that they will further assist in our commitment to continually improving care and services to all older Australians.

“I am excited at what the future holds for Boandik and the care of all older Australians,” she said.

“Statistics released by the Federal Government (Intergenerational Report) is forecasting that over the next 40 years the number of older Australians aged 65 and over will more than double and the number of those aged 85 and over will more than triple.

“As a nation, we need to be proactive in our approach to addressing the many complex and dynamic issues associated with ageing. Importantly, the need for the voice of older people to be the loudest.

“We are committed to working in partnership with the residents and clients to ensure complex ageing issues and rising levels of dementia, mental health, and life challenges like loneliness that will come from this shift in the aging population.”

Originally from Strathalbyn, Dr Alde already has affiliation with the region, having held the position of manager residential services and overseeing the development, build and running of Resthaven Mount Gambier when in first opened in 2011, through to 2015.

Dr Alde believes all providers should work closely and collaboratively as they strive to serve the needs and preferences of all older Australians.

“This is not about us, but the older people of our community,” she said.

“It was and continues to be a privilege to be in the position to provide care and service to another person.

“Older people have so much to contribute.”

Boandik Board chair Vicki Quinn expressed confidence in Dr Alde’s ability to lead the organisation through the challenges and opportunities ahead.

“Pam’s extensive clinical and leadership experience will ensure that Boandik responds proactively to challenges and opportunities associated with all reforms and sector growth in the years ahead,” Mrs. Quinn said.

“The board is pleased to have attracted someone as talented as Pam to preserve our strong tradition of providing the highest level of care and support to our residents, clients, families, and staff not only in Mount Gambier but also across the Upper and Lower South East.

“This appointment represents a significant milestone for Boandik as it continues to prioritise the well-being and quality of life of its clients and residents. With her leadership, Boandik is poised to remain a leader in aged and disability care, providing compassionate and dignified care.”

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