Opposition Leader Dutton Pledges Tough Knife Laws Following Perth Radicalized Youth Knife Incident

Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton delivered a budget reply speech today, addressing a range of pressing issues facing the nation.

In his speech, Mr. Dutton highlighted the recent spate of violent incidents that have shocked Australians and emphasized the need for strong leadership in addressing crime, social cohesion, and national security.

Among the incidents mentioned was the tragic knife attack in Willetton, which left a deep impact on the community.

Mr. Dutton underscored the importance of tackling knife crime, stating: “The coalition government will work with states and territories to establish uniform knife laws across all jurisdictions.


These laws will empower police with the necessary tools to stop and search individuals, limit the sale and possession of knives to minors and dangerous individuals, and enhance community safety.”

Drawing from his experience as a former police officer, Mr. Dutton expressed his commitment to protecting women and children from violence.

He recounted harrowing encounters with victims of domestic violence and pledged to prevent tragedies.

“We will tighten bail laws to prevent tragedies like the recent murder of 28-year-old mother Molly Ticehurst, whose violent ex-partner was on bail at the time of her death,” he said.


Acknowledging the complex nature of partner and family violence legislation falling under state and territory jurisdiction, Mr. Dutton affirmed the role of the Commonwealth in addressing related offenses.

Promising under his leadership, a coalition government would introduce new Commonwealth offenses targeting the use of mobile phones and computer networks to perpetrate coercive behaviors against intimate partners or family members.

In addition, Mr. Dutton reaffirmed his commitment to combating child exploitation.

“These offenses would be accompanied by tougher bail laws to ensure the safety of victims,” He stated.


“… We will double the size of the Australian Center to Counter Child Exploitation.”

He emphasized the need for bipartisan cooperation in addressing these critical issues and called for decisive action to protect the most vulnerable members of society.

Mr Dutton’s budget reply speech also set the tone for the upcoming Federal election in 2025, highlighting other hot buttoned issues such as cost of living, housing, energy prices, nuclear power and regional youth crime.

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