OXH Gallery Debuts Exhibition Exploring Motherhood

OXH Gallery presents Receptacle, a show highlighting art by women whose work depicts experiences of motherhood. Featuring artists from around the world, this show includes Adria Arch, Julie Gladstone, Madison Hendry, Caroline McAuliffe, Denise Treizman, and Odeta Xheka.

OXH Gallery aims to amplify voices often silenced, delving into the complexities of motherhood, maternity, and women’s bodies. Through paintings, textiles, photography, performance, installation, and new media, the artists in Receptacle search to redirect the archetypes and narratives of their struggles in society as mothers and artists. 

The aim of Receptacle is to shift the focus of the research on artist-mothers away from mere work-life balance to a deeper exploration of their experiences. Through themes of social isolation, mental health, and the historical context of art, the show hopes to illuminate how art serves as documentation and self-invention, blurring the lines between privacy and visibility.

About OXH Gallery
OXH Gallery is a young gallery in Tampa, Florida, focused on supporting female and under-recognized artists. Through its online and physical exhibition program, OXH Gallery works closely with artists to create opportunities through a curatorial program, exposure to museum acquisition teams, critics, and collectors, as well as special events and artist talks, which seek to provide a space for open exchange of ideas and the development of complex and nuanced conversations. Follow the gallery on Instagram @he_a_rt_project.

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