Pass N.Y. bills over artificial intelligence

Advocates are pushing for the passage of bills in Albany to protect New Yorkers from the negative impacts of artificial intelligence.

They’re calling for more industry and legal accountability in the use of AI in the state. 

That includes legislation to protect people from the biases of AI systems in employment, policing and other high-risk areas.

Lawmakers are also looking to regulate the government use of artificial intelligence and to ensure there’s transparency within state agencies. 

They say these bills are needed as AI continues to evolve. 

“We’re really at a critical moment where whether we decide to step up to this challenge and proactivily regulate in a responsible way can determine whether our future is built by every single one of us that protects our rights, or a future that will be written for us by the few,” Democratic state Sen. Kristen Gonzalez, of Queens, said at the Capitol on Wednesday.

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