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A DRAFT Growth Areas Framework Plan has been put out to the public for viewing and feedback by City of Ballarat officers.

The aim of the strategy is to prepare for, and guide, the city’s expansion into the future with precinct and infrastructure ideas for the identified booming western and northern corridors.

A statement from the City of Ballarat said the plan accommodates for 50 per cent of greenfield development.

“The future western and worth-western growth areas represent an essential part of the City of Ballarat’s long-term growth strategy,” said City of Ballarat mayor, Cr Des Hudson.

“The Growth Areas Framework Plan will ensure that Ballarat remains a regional city with its own unique identity.”

Technical studies in engineering servicing, community infrastructure and retail assessment are influencing the plan, the statement from the City said.

Prioritised precincts, infrastructure requirements, land supply, and development goals are also part of the draft Growth Areas Framework Plan.

The Victorian Planning Authority is writing a the Precinct Structure Plan for the northern growth area.

Central Highlands Water is currently constructing a northern sewer pipeline in preparation for development in the Miners Rest-Mount Rowan area.

Visit the municipal MySay website to read the document and give feedback before Friday 31 May.

In-person consultaton sessions for the public are set for Tuesday 21 May from 4pm to 6pm, and 6pm to 7.30pm for landowners, at the Alfredton Hub Community Room.

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