Punjab health minister inaugurates state-of-the-art store management system at Mayo Hospital

Punjab Health Minister Khawaja Salman Rafique Inaugurated the Store Management System at Mayo Hospital on Thursday, marking a significant stride towards enhanced healthcare infrastructure.

Accompanied by esteemed dignitaries including Vice Chancellor Prof. Mahmood Ayaz of King Edward Medical University, CEO Prof. Ahsan Nauman, MS Prof. Faisal Masood of Mayo Hospital, and other notable faculty members, Minister Rafique underscored the importance of digitalization in streamlining hospital operations for the benefit of patients.

CEO Prof. Ahsan Nauman provided insights into the Co-Digital Inventory, highlighting its potential to revolutionize inventory management and ensure transparency within the healthcare system.

Expressing his vision for a more efficient healthcare delivery system, Minister Rafique emphasized the need for similar software implementations across all hospitals, emphasizing the benefits of real-time monitoring and reduced manual workload.

The newly launched Store Management System promises to provide comprehensive insights into medicine stocks, procurement processes, and supply chain management, ultimately enhancing service delivery and optimizing human resources.

Minister Rafique lauded the efforts of Mayo Hospital’s administration in embracing modern technology and extended his gratitude to the dedicated healthcare professionals who contributed to the system’s development.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Mahmood Ayaz commended Minister Rafique’s unwavering commitment to public service, acknowledging his family’s enduring legacy of patriotism and compassion.


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