‘Rapist’ truck driver dad in court!

The father briefly before the Pretoria North Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 8 May.

The father briefly before the Pretoria North Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 8 May.

THE bail application arguments for a truck driver, arrested on charges of rape, will resume at the Pretoria North Magistrates Court on Thursday, 16 May.

State prosecutor Khangweleni Mudavhi, prepared to present his judgment argument, saw the case postponed for the second time on Wednesday, 15 May, due to the defence lawyer’s illness.

The accused made a brief appearance before the Pretoria North Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 8 May, with his bail application arguments delayed because the defence attorney was unavailable.

He faces charges of raping his 10-year-old and 22-year-old daughters, with the allegations suggesting the abuse has been ongoing for years.

The arrest was orchestrated by his wife after their daughter disclosed her inability to participate in a traditional camp during the March school break, leading to revelations of the abuse.

His initial bail application on Thursday, April 25, followed his arrest on Sunday, 21 April. Sergeant Ignatious Mailula, the investigating officer, was cross-examined by both the prosecution and defence on Thursday, 2 May, as the case proceeds to bail application arguments.

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The mother of the 10-year-old believes her husband is a serial rapist. This belief was reinforced when her 22-year-old stepdaughter and a niece came forward with their experiences of abuse.

My husband’s brother who has passed away had a daughter who we recently welcomed to family told me that my husband once called to meet with her at Pretoria CBD to discuss family matters which included her welcoming ceremony and to her surprise, she was shocked that my husband had booked her to a guess house,” she said.

The niece, now fearful of revenge, is nonetheless ready to assist the court with evidence, including CCTV footage from the guest house.

The mother’s plea is for the court to reveal her husband’s identity, hoping it will encourage other victims to come forward. Counselling has been arranged for all three victims.

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