Summit County evaluating options for developing 17-acre property in Jeremy Ranch

Summit County purchased the Cline Dahle property along Rasmussen Road for $3.7 million in 2017. In total it’s 30 acres, but only 17 acres can be developed due to sensitive wetlands in the area.

Initially intended for a parking and transit hub, the land is across I-80 from the Macey’s grocery store in Pinebrook.

Ideas for the property now include housing, a fire station, commercial space, or an outdoor education center. County planning staff have also expressed a desire to use the space for recreation and additional pedestrian trails.

Summit County Council member Malena Stevens said the council discussed the potential options at its meeting Wednesday.

“Even the park and ride idea, if that would still be appropriate was brought up, as well as some light commercial and maybe some affordable housing or a fire station,” Stevens said. “Nothing by any means has been decided. We’re really brainstorming and trying to understand what would be the best use of this property.” 

Summit County has scheduled a public open house for June 13 to solicit feedback from residents about the land.

“Then we’ll come back to council and whittle that down based on the feedback and come up with the basics of what the uses we want to be so we can go out to RFP (request for proposals) and determine who might partner with us,” Stevens said. “We envision it to be, if we go a development route, a public-private partnership.” 

Some members of the council said Wednesday they’d like to solicit proposals by summer. Stevens said by the end of the year is more realistic.

The open house about the Cline Dahle property will be at the Richins Building in Kimball Junction on June 13 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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