Teen travels to Albany calling for more access to EpiPens

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—16-year-old Devin Sailer has 31 anaphylactic allergies. He came to the state Capitol to advocate for legislation that would provide more access to epinephrine.

“Epinephrine auto-injectors— they’re the only treatment for anaphylaxis that we have currently,” said Sailer.

Sailer wants to see epinephrine in places where defibrillators are located and for all first responders to carry it with them. His state Senator, Republican Peter Oberacker, has a background in EMS.

“Any tools that we can give our first responders, people out in the field that deal with these types of issues, why wouldn’t you do it? So, I will be a strong advocate for that,” said Oberacker.

According to Sailer, a pack of two EpiPens can cost as much as $700.

“It’s deceiving to say oh it’s only $700, only $700. You’re not just buying one pack,” explained Sailer. “You need a pack for school, a pack for home, a pack for grandma’s house. Maybe you want a backup pack. And here’s the big part of it— they expire every year.”

To help people with lower incomes, he would like to see a price cap implemented for the life saving treatment.

“One of the bills we are asking about is an Epinephrine price cap for private high deductible insurance that would limit the cost for yearly EpiPens at $100. I think it’s a totally reasonable ask.”

The legislation is currently in committee.

“I think that’s really something that we should really look at,” said Oberacker. “We were talking about that when it came to our diabetics and insulin, right? These are some things that aren’t being abused. There are somethings that really do have a big value to a quality of life. Again, why wouldn’t we do that to make things just that much more available and lifesaving?”

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