The talk of the town: Tamakuku Terrace sections being snapped up

Published on 16 May 2024

Image shows aerial view of a newly developed residential area with some houses sitting on vast sections

Tamakuku Terrace, the newest gem in Palmerston North’s real estate landscape, is witnessing a surge in interest and sales, signalling an exciting time for homebuyers looking to invest in their dream property.

Group Manager of Property, Bryce Hosking, highlights the growing interest in the new development.

“We’ve already sold 31 sections, and the enthusiasm and interest surrounding Tamakuku are impressive. Bayleys has reported a significant increase in recent inquiries which has converted to 12 sales in the last several months, reflecting the growing appeal of the development among prospective homeowners.”

What truly sets this development apart is its commitment to best practice urban design.

“It’s more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle,” says Mr Hosking. “From the moment you step into Tamakuku Terrace, you’re welcomed into a beautiful living environment which also benefits from sustainable and forward-thinking solutions.”

Innovative engineering solutions have transformed what was once a flooded farm into a thriving ecosystem all year round. A central pond and a series of waterways planted with native vegetation have turned the area into a biodiverse environment.

The development also focuses on connectivity and offers different transport options. Features like cycle lanes along the main road (Te Hirawanui Drive) and a shared concrete path, with decorative concrete panels designed by mana whenua, also serve as acoustic barriers to reduce train noise for residents.

Mr Hosking notes, “It’s nice to see so many kids using the pathway to get to and from school, along with our neighbours at MiLife retirement village, who enjoy using the pathway and exploring the neighbourhood, viewing the ducks and birdlife from the bridge around the pond. This strengthens the connection to the place and community, appealing to a range of people from kids to retirees.”

Despite the broader market challenges, we continue to experience strong interest at Tamakuku Terrace. Prospective buyers are taking a long-term view and recognise the exceptional opportunities that Tamakuku Terrace offers for their future.

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