Top 5 looks by RHOD star Sorisha Naidoo


The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) reality star and businesswoman Sorisha Naidoo showed up when it came to fashion looks this season and her stylist needs a raise as many users were impressed by her wardrobe glow-up.

The longest-running housewife started in season one with a questionable fashion sense as viewers could not understand why she wore certain outfits given her billionaire status and I must say watching Sorisha’s fashion go from 0-100 was quite impressive from her amazing looks in the show’s diary confessions to her final reunion dress she came to the party.

Let’s deep dive into the top 5 looks of Sorisha Naidoo in RHOD S4:

  1. Black diary confession look

Durban fashion designer Ms Victoria put together most of the reality star’s looks in the fourth season and she did a good job as this dress was topical on social media platforms with many users alluding that she was giving the vibe of a widow who just lost her rich husband.

2. Episode 5 look

This purple knee-high dress is also one of her confessions looks where she did an up hair do to complete the look with gorgeous glam.

3. Episode 1 look

Her stylist was working overtime in making sure that the reality star always slayed in her diary confessions looks as this red number is definitely to die for as she brings it out with the red lipstick.

3. Pink dress at Maria’s event

In episode 2 fellow cast member Maria Valaskatzis hosted the ladies with their ‘gusbands’ (gay husbands) and with the theme being pink Sorisha came dressed for a high-tea and she looked classy.

4. Final diary look

With the reality star’s many fashion ups she ended off the season with her final diary look she wore this emerald mermaid looking dress which and a lot of bling with it.

5. Reunion look

This reunion looks had reunion host MaBlerh complimenting her and mentioning that her looks this season impressed a lot of people where she the credited her stylist for the amazing work.

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